Ship Recycling


Alang located on the western coast of Gulf of Khambat, in the western part of India, is the largest ship-recycling yard in the world. It is approximately 50 kms southeast of Bhavnagar city in the State of Gujrat, India. Ever since its inception in 1982, Alang has emerged as one of the choicest ship-recycling destinations for the ship owners around the world. Hundreds of ships from all over the world find their final resting place in Alang every year.

The Gulf is known for its extreme tides, which vary greatly in height and run into it with amazing speed. The Alang Ship Recycling Yard takes advantage of the extreme high tides of the gulf. Large ships are beached during the twice-monthly highest tides, and are dismantled when the tide recedes to almost zero.

There are 183 plots to carry out the ship-recycling activities which generate around 30,000 jobs in Alang itself and generate 3 million tons of recycled steel every year.

Summary :

  • Is the largest ship recycling yard in the world.
  • Many Buyers – Hence all kinds of Ships can be sold into Alang.
  • Price / Ldt obtained in Alang is usually a benchmark for other markets.
  • Almost all the recycling yards with HKC & ISO 9001, 14001, 180001 and 30000 certification for Environment, safety & Quality.”
  • A huge demand of scrap steel due to no. of foundaries and steel re-rolling mills in and around Alang-Bhavnagar – Gujarat
  • State Govt. has taken strong initiative to develop infrastructure for `Green Alang`.
  • High tide upto 10 meters, which is considered to be the most favorable attribute when ship recycling activity is taking place through beaching method.