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GSPL is actively involved in Cash Buying of ships for recycling.

GSPL has worldwide connections with major industry players and is well placed with its experienced and dedicated staff. In the turbulent and often difficult recycling industry, GSPL has become a buyer of stability, strength and dependability who continues to demonstrate outstanding performance notwithstanding market conditions. At GSPL, we are committed to meeting your requirements with first class service and after sales care. GSPL has immense experience gathered from the purchase and sale of ships in all recycling destinations over years. With years of experience GSPL has been engaged as a cash buyer of vessels for recycling. The company handles all types of vessels, with or without cargo, whether laid-up or trading, damaged or in working condition, shipwrecks, pontoons and oil drilling platforms. We are able to offer a full range of services like insurance, towage and can also work on joint ventures.

GSPL specialises in vessels on an as is where is basis and can work on vessels in any part of the world. In today’s highly competitive and volatile recycling markets, ship prices will often change by the time the vessel arrives at the port of delivery. Day in and day out we continue to perform, regardless of fluctuations in market prices. Market risks are simply absorbed – underwritten as part of regular business practice. We provide tailor made solutions to our clients which enables them to underwrite market risks.

GSPL has extremely strong, flexible, accommodating and efficient banking relationships. When needed, our bankers and lawyers will personally get involved and talk directly to sellers, their brokers, their bankers and lawyers to ensure smooth closing and payment process. 

GSPL continuously delivers most competitive prices to its clients. We are in touch with the local market on a day to day basis and can provide the most competitive pricing to our clients.

Our staff works hard to ensure that you can meet your purchase or sales requirements in a manner agreeable to yourself and in a timely fashion. All business is carried out in a professional manner with confidentiality assured. Independent Inspections by respected and registered companies can be carried out whenever you require. Our intention is to give you complete peace of mind in all business affairs undertaken with us.

Within GSPL, we have extensive experience of the ship recycling markets, spanning decades, and aim to meet all of your needs.

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