Ship Recycling

Overview of Ship Recycling

Ships are mobile structures of comprehensive size and consist mostly of steel. At the end of their commercial life, they become a sought-after source of ferrous scrap. Ship recycling is the process of dismantling a ship/vessel for recycling. Ship recycling offers a possibility to reuse significant parts and equipment of the ship. This acts as an alternative to the non-renewable resource of ore. Steel can be recycled to produce new steel, reducing the energy required for processing by two-thirds. Copper cables, aluminium, stainless steel and all other non ferrous metal retrieved from the vessel are also recycled in similar way.

Conducted on a pier, dry dock or dismantling yard, it involves a wide range of activities. From removing all the gear and equipment that are on the ships to cutting down and recycling the ship’s infrastructure.

The principal markets for recycling are India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The countries are active in the recycling market as they possess all the requirements to make it economically viable. Predominantly they provide a cheap supply of labour and growing infrastructures in need of cheaper steel products. They also have the right costal geography which enables vessels to be sailed/anchored/landed at certain high tides.