Green Recycling

GSPL understands that ship recycling carries with it a great responsibility of protecting environment as well as people who work to dismantle the ship. As a Cash Buyer, GSPL has been continuously encouraging and guiding the shipping yards to improve recycling standards to meet the most stringent requirements for green recycling.

GSPL is very well placed in experience and resources to offer green ship recycling in India, Bangladesh and Turkey.

Knowing the importance of green recycling and responsibility it places on ship owners to recycle their ships in a safe and environmentally sound method, GSPL has stepped up its role.

  • Vessel is recycled at a Hong Kong Convention (HKC) certified yard by one of the leading class societies.
  • Green passport as prepared by the ship owners is submitted to the yard. Incase green passport is not available, yard prepares an inventory of Hazardous materials on board similar to green passport.
  • Ship Recycling Plan from yard is submitted.
  • Submission of Ship Recycling Progress Report on periodic basis, which gives details of procedures followed by the yard.
  • Detailed Report on Completion of Ship Recycling.